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2nd grade takes a toll. My sweet boy, stop growing up so fast.

Thx to @missionmountain and @nkdavi for model management

My farm girl

Making wishes

I think I just found the headwaters of every @earthinstitute logo

Total solar

spotting @columbia

My outlet

Easter espresso

Light lensing

A dog named Poet on a mountain named Hook

I waited a long time for this light to present itself.

Coming into Batsheba

Grabbing readings from the sun shine recorder

Fishing at sunrise.

Dudes on horses in plazas. It’s a thing here.

Last post from in insta-​time

I love buses.

San Jose

I’m hugely grateful to @sofims27 for spending 12+ hours yesterday and her entire Saturday to help with Spanish language interviews and other translations. As we agreed, here’s your payment of three kittens.

This one’s for you @briankle @ccthomson @samg2168 @egawthrop @piratandante

Saint Alexander Hamilton

View of

ca 2013 

Hiking the Hudson

Hiking the Hudson

As if the Lamont/IRI/CIESIN campus isn’t beautiful enough.

On the steps of @columbia’s Low Library

Anthem pyrotechnics @newyorkredbulls

@columbia’s @climatesociety headquarters gets a deck washing today.

One last chance at the dock.